Best Host - Cultural or Historic Series

Congratulations to Chef Walter Staib for receiving his fourth Emmy Award!

Ash Lawn-Highland

Our latest journey brought us to the homestead of James Monroe, the fifth President of the United States!

James Madison's Montpelier

Learn about the feast Chef Staib created during our visit to Montpelier!

A Taste of History

Cooking in historic Pomona Hall!

Harriton House

Harriton House

Welsh settlers received land from William Penn and congregated in the late 17th Century on the outskirts of Philadelphia in a farming community they named Bryn Mawr, which means “high hill” in Welsh. The prominent farm home on that hill became known as Harriton House when it was occupied by Charles Thomson and his wife in 1774. It was then too, that Charles Thomson was made Secretary to the First Continental Congress, and subsequently the Second Continental Congress. It was during the Second Continental Congress, in 1776, that the assembled representatives in Independence Hall passed the resolution known as the Declaration of Independence. And it was on Charles Thomson’s desk, the one that still can be seen at Harriton House, that this most important document of American History was signed.
Thomas Jefferson, a close friend of Thomson’s, loved to ride out to Harriton House after a long day of debating, and relax with good food and wine with Charles and Hannah Thomson. In our episode from Harriton House, Chef Staib prepares Shrimp in Saffron Cream, Marinated Asparagus and Fennel Puree in the Thomsons’ kitchen. We were also given a tour of the Root Cellar near the main house, where vegetables were stored.
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